In the beginning of the year 2000, the authors of this Internet project realized that information on Artsakh - a country in the Caucasus otherwise known to the public as Nagorno-Karabakh - is poorly represented in the world's mass media sources. To the date, Artsakh is still perceived by many in the world exclusively in the context of the journalistic cliche' "ethnic conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh," in other words, as an object of a political-territorial dispute that continues plaguing Armenian-Azeri relations.
     However, Artsakh is much richer a phenomenon, being a country with its own unique history and culture, embodied in thousands of architectural monuments, and represented by dozens of world-famous political and military leaders, artists, and scientists. A region whose Armenian statehood is rooted in antiquity, Artsakh itself is one of several Armenian geographical-historical dominions - or "ashkhars" (translated as "world" from Armenian) that together constitute the Armenian Plateau. That is why our website is called "ArtsakhWorld". We hope that it will help you get to know Artsakh: its history, culture, and people.
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