"Public Lecture in London, 27 April 2003 (part of a series of lectures in connection with Armenian Genocide recognition activities in the UK - organized by Campaign for Recognition of the Armenain Genocide)"

Armen Aivazian

Part 1.  Preface

Part 2.  Loss of Land

Part 3.  Cultural Losses

Part 4. Material Losses

Part 5.  Psychological Trauma

Part 6.  Eradication of a National System

Part 7. Human Losses of the Armenians in the 20th Century

Part 8. Denial of the Genocide: security implications for Armenia

Part 9. Organized Repatriation as the Path for the Development of the Armenian State and Nation

Sunday, 27 April 2003, 7 pm.
Venue: Maria Assumpta, Pastoral and
Educational Centre, Kensington Square, in London
Chair: Christopher J. Walker

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