J. Russell`s "Armenological" Fabrications

by Armen Petrosyan, Doctor in Philological Sciences

     The article presents a criticism of J. Russell's chapter on the formation of the Armenian nation in the recently published "The Armenian People From Ancient to Modern Times" (New York, 1997) and some other his works on various areas of Armenology. Due to his incompetence and a facetious treatment of the subject the author adduces and analyzes numerous linguistic, historical and mythological "facts", which have no resemblance to the realities (e.g. the Hattic and Hittite languages are identified; the god Vahagn is considered the adversary of Bel, etc.). These strange fabrications, ridiculous errors and pseudoscientific analysis are combined with a contemptuous attitude to the scholars of Armenia and their work.

 Full text in Armenian 

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