Karvajar (Kalbajar) province

    Dadi Vank has been in the focus of the researchers attention since the XIX cent. The first to investigate numerous epigraphic inscriptions preserved in situ were Hovh. Shahkhatuniants, and S. Jalaliants. Problems of the monastery history and architecture were investigated later (Makar bishop Barkhutariants, M. Archbishop Ter-Movsissian). During the Soviet period epigraphic inscriptions were updated anew by S. Barkhudarian, the first measurements were conducted by architect M. Hasratian, historical studies were conducted by B. Ulubabian and Sh. Mkrtchian, and the frescoes preserved were studied by L. Durnovo. During the eighties a research of the monastery was finally undertaken by Azerbaijanian investigators R. Geyushev and D. Akhundov.
    A new phase of multi-lateral research work began in 1993, upon the liberation of the area of Dadi Vank and Kalbajar as a whole (March 31, 1993). Investigations conducted over two years clearly indicated that the works up to now carried in all three fields of research (epigraphic, historiography and architecture) were quite insufficient and missed many details. Particularly, besides a number of misreading and misinterpretations, numerous inscriptions missed the attention of the scientists at all, either because they had been neglected, or because they were considered obscure, and thus omitted wholly or partially. Researches made in the field of the convent history are also quite deficient particularly by the cause of neglecting the data of the archive documents or pre-Soviet periodicals.
    As for the architectural investigation, nothing had been added, provided for the measurements made by M. Hasratian, R. Geyushev and D. Akhundov (cross section, plan, southern facade of the main group of monuments and the western facade of the 2 nd domed church).
    We have made an attempt to present a possibly complete description of the history and architecture of Dadi Vank based on additional historical sources, complete measurements and epigraphic inscriptions.
Geography and History
Little Domed Church.
The "Temple".
The Cathedral.
The Chapel.
The Bell Tower.
Basilica and the Parvis.
"The Hall and Houses" (Library?).
Refectory and the Kitchen.
The Columnar Hall.
Other Houses.
The Fortress Wall and the Gates.
The Chapels.

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